How to check visa status in UAE

How to check visa status in UAE

How to Check UAE Visa Status – A Comprehensive Guide


In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s easy to lose track of important dates, especially when it comes to visa expiry. This guide provides a step-by-step approach on how to check your UAE visa status, ensuring you stay informed and compliant. Whether you’re an expat resident or a tourist, keeping tabs on your visa’s validity is crucial for a seamless stay in the UAE.

Why Check UAE Visa Status?

A UAE visa not only defines your legal residency but is also essential for various activities such as renting accommodation, applying for dependent visas, and more. To simplify this process, the UAE Government offers online portals and services to facilitate easy access to visa-related information.

How to Check UAE Visa Status Online

1. UAE Visa Check by Passport Number

  • Visit the ICP Smart Services portal for visa check by passport number.
  • Select “Change Language” and choose English.
  • Navigate to the “Passport Information” tab.
  • Choose “Visa” or “Residency” based on your visa type.
  • Enter your passport number and expiry date, or Emirates ID for residents.
  • Select your nationality from the dropdown menu.
  • Complete the captcha verification and click “Search.”
  • If the information is correct, your visa details, including expiry date, will be displayed.

Note: This method is applicable for Dubai visa check online by passport number as well.

2. UAE Visa Status Using GDRFA Portal

  • Visit the official GDRFA Dubai website.
  • Go to “Services” and select “Visa Status.”
  • Choose “Residence Validity” from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your residence file number (found on your visa page), first name, gender, and date of birth.
  • Complete the captcha and click “Submit.”
  • Your visa details, including expiry date, will be displayed.

Alternative: Download the GDRFA Dubai app for visa-related inquiries.

3. Dubai Visa Status Check Using GDRFA Dubai App

  • Open the app and select “Services.”
  • Click on “Entry Permit / Residence Status” and choose “Residence Inquiry.”
  • Enter your details: Visa code, first name, nationality, and date of birth.
  • Click “Inquiry,” and if details are correct, your visa information will be displayed.

Note: No sign-up or login credentials are required for this method.

FAQs About UAE Visa Status

1. How to Check UAE Visa Status with Passport Number Offline?

  • Call 600-522-222 for UAE visa check by passport number.
  • For Dubai visa status check by passport number offline, call Amer Centre at 800-5111. International callers can dial +971-4-313-9999.

2. What to Do for Dubai Visa Check by Passport Number Only?

  • Opt for the online method via ICA Smart Services portal.
  • Alternatively, check Dubai visa status online by calling the Amer Centre helpline.

3. How to Check UAE Tourist Visa Status?

  • Use the same processes listed above for checking the validity of UAE tourist visas.


Staying informed about your UAE visa status is essential to avoid overstay fines and legal complications. Whether you prefer online portals or offline methods, regularly checking your visa’s validity ensures a smooth and lawful stay in the country. Always renew your visa before expiry to enjoy your time in the UAE hassle-free.

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